Characteristics of inorganic coatings

2021-09-13   Pageview:285

1. Inorganic coatings are best applied on porous substrates in order to enhance the silicification reaction and improve adhesion.

2. The coating film of inorganic coating is also porous, so the air in the previous coating film will be exchanged to produce bubbles when the second coat is applied.












3. inorganic coatings are easy to form a certain degree of gel structure due to high activity, and the low shear viscosity is high, which is comparable to that of thick paste type elastic coatings, which is not conducive to bubbles moving and migrating up to the surface and breaking up.

4. inorganic coatings dry fast, wet coating film can flow less time, defoaming must be completed instantly, even if the bubble break, without a certain time of flow, ptfe powder 1.6 micron, it is easy to leave cavities and affect the appearance of the coating film.

5. the higher the PH value of general latex paint, the stronger the surface activity, the more difficult it is to control bubbles, the PH value of inorganic paint is much higher than latex paint, so it is more difficult to control bubbles.

6. the high ionic strength and cohesion of potassium silicate solution makes the bubble liquid film have higher strength and elasticity, which hinders the discharge of bubble liquid film in the process of bubble-breaking, and the bubble liquid film is also thicker, thus increasing the stability of the bubble, which is not conducive to bubble-breaking.


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