Leading brand of powder coating matting agent – Fenlin

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Finland Fenlin paint is a high-end brand of Diagulila, famous for its top environmental protection and personalized color mixing, known as the European paint with a crown. After entering the Chinese market, Finnlin paint has gained a wide reputation for its quality products and services, and has been used in many famous construction projects and high-end apartment projects, such as the office building of the Environmental Protection Bureau, the office building of the People’s Bank of China, the Beijing Children’s Hospital, etc. In 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Finnlin was the only designated paint for Finland Pavilion. Nowadays, Finnlin paint has become a high-end brand with important influence in the Chinese paint market.













They are different from the molecular weight of the polymer compound adsorbed on the surface of the pigment. Oyabu Kosaki pointed out: The adsorption layer on the surface of the pigment is a mixture of polymer compounds and solvents. When the polymer concentration is low, the adsorption capacity of the solvent increases, and when the polymer concentration increases, the solvent adsorption capacity decreases. In the low concentration range, high molecular weight compounds are selectively adsorbed. In the high concentration range, the selective adsorption shifts to low molecular weight compounds. In the low concentration and high concentration ranges, the molecular weight distribution of the adsorbed high molecular weight compounds is very narrow. In fact, all high molecular weight compounds on the pigment surface are adsorbed to selective adsorption pp wax quote to the same degree, and there is a migration point in the concentration, where the molecular weight distribution becomes larger.

Takahashi Akira proposed 4. At low concentrations, the thickness of the adsorption layer increases sharply until the adsorption curve reaches the flat top area. In the flat top area, the unit adsorption area and the thickness of the adsorption layer increase with the increase of molecular weight.

The ratio of the polymer to the chain link adsorbed on the surface of the solid phase decreases sharply with the increase of the concentration, and can drop from a value of approximately 1 to 0.3, and the adsorption isotherm reaches the flat top area, that is, a polymer 20%~30% of the chain links interact with the solid surface, and the remaining parts form loops and tails.


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