What Kind Of Wax Is Good For Polishing Wood Lacquer

2022-12-13   Pageview:347

What kind of wax is good for polishing wood lacquer? How to solve the poor feel of wood lacquer? How to solve the problem of poor gloss of wood lacquer? You can try to add wax additives. When its particles are mixed with other raw materials of wood lacquer, it can achieve smooth hand feeling and improve gloss.

Why does the smooth wax additive for wood ware have the above functions: the particles of the wax emulsion are in the shape of regular spheres, and the particle size is very small, and it is distributed in a small range of 10-500 nanometers. The smaller the particle size, the better for improving the feel and gloss.

Wax additives improve coating slipperiness: can improve leveling performance, enhance surface slipperiness, enhance scratch resistance, anti-sticking; feel more delicate and smooth; environmentally friendly and tasteless, without APEO, etc. harmful materials.

Function of water-based wax for wood lacquer:
– increase the gloss of the coating;
– Anti-abrasion, anti-scratch/anti-abrasion, anti-high temperature adhesion;
-Improve stain resistance and enhance waterproof performance;
-Enhance the smoothness and feel of the coating;

TIANSHI Water-Based Wax for Woodenware Paint Uses: It has the functions of film-forming and waterproofing. Polyethylene wax makes this product durable and excellent compatibility. Used in coatings can improve the water resistance, heat resistance and anti-sticking properties of the paint film, scratch resistance, and increase the smoothness of the paint film.


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