Physical index of anti-mold agent for water-based coatings TIO-205

2021-12-07   Pageview:286

Appearance : Milky white liquid
Active ingredient :50%
Relative density:1.020-1-1.100g/ml
PH value: 2.0-5.0
















Matte coating matting powder, wax powder and wax slurry dispersion
Wetting and dispersing agent and anti-settling and thixotropic agent

The overall economics and matting efficiency of matt coatings are generally preferred matting powders. Due to the characteristics of high porosity, high oil absorption and small particle size, matting powders must be added with a wetting and dispersing agent with good wetting ability or selected separately Wetting agents help wetting and dispersing. In addition, because its density is greater than that of the developing fluid, it is better if the wetting and dispersing agent has a certain anti-settling property at the same time, but as long as it is stored for a long time, it will still settle, and even form hard precipitates and agglomerates, causing coatings. It is not easy to stir uniformly or cause the instability of the racemization. Therefore, in the matt paint, the choice of anti-settling and thixotropic agents does not affect the viscosity (due to the high oil absorption and small particle size of the matting powder, a certain thickening will be produced by itself), and to prevent the formation of hard Precipitated polyethylene wax anti-settling agent is mainly used with polyamide wax pre-dispersed slurry to strengthen anti-settling and anti-sagging.

Although the wetting and dispersing agent can help the dispersion of the matting powder, it is mainly manifested in the matt coating liquid. For the coating and film forming process of the matt paint, the migration of the wetting agent may cause the film forming solvent to be matted during the volatilization process The phenomenon of insufficient powder wetting results in the aggregation, flocculation or even accumulation of matting powder, resulting in uneven gloss and uneven arrangement of the coating film surface. For this, we can use a modified polysiloxane leveling agent with better wettability, such as Leva slip882, 432, to help the matting powder wet and arrange in the film forming process, so as to obtain a fine arrangement of the matting powder , Matte coating with uniform gloss.


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