Types of saturated hydrocarbon lubricants for PVC

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The function of the lubricant is to reduce the friction between the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials and the surface of the material and the processing equipment, thereby reducing the flow resistance of the melt, reducing the viscosity of the melt, improving the fluidity of the melt, and avoiding the melt and the equipment. Adhesion, improve the surface finish of the product, etc.

Lubricants for PVC can be divided into: saturated hydrocarbons, metal soaps, aliphatic amides, fatty acids, fatty acid esters and fatty alcohols according to their composition. The polyethylene wax editor today focuses on the lubricants of saturated hydrocarbons.

Saturated hydrocarbons

Saturated hydrocarbons can be divided into non-polar hydrocarbons (such as polyethylene wax and polypropylene wax) and polar hydrocarbons (such as chlorinated paraffin, oxidized polyethylene, etc.) according to polarity. Saturated hydrocarbons can be divided into liquid paraffin (C16-C21), solid paraffin (C26-C32), microcrystalline paraffin (C32-C70) and low molecular weight polyethylene (molecular weight 1000~10000) according to molecular weight, mainly used for PVC Non-toxic external lubricant.

(1) Liquid paraffin wax: commonly known as white oil, it is a colorless and transparent liquid. It can be used as a transparent external lubricant for PVC. The dosage is about 0.5 parts. The dosage will seriously affect the strength of the welding angle.

(2) Solid paraffin wax supplier, also known as natural paraffin, white solid, can be used as an external lubricant for PVC, the dosage is 0.1~1.0 parts, too much dosage will affect the transparency.

(3) Microcrystalline paraffin wax, also known as high-melting paraffin wax, has a white or light yellow solid appearance, and is called microcrystalline paraffin because of its fine crystals. Lubrication effect and thermal stability are better than other paraffin waxes. The dosage in PVC is small, generally 0.1~0.3 parts.

(4) Low molecular weight polyethylene wax, also known as polyethylene wax, is white or light yellow solid powder with poor transparency. It can be used as an external lubricant for PVC extrusion and calendering. The dosage is generally less than 0.5 parts.

(5) Oxidized polyethylene wax, which is the partial oxidation product of polyethylene wax, and the appearance is white powder. It has excellent internal and external lubrication, good transparency, low price, and the dosage is 0.2~1.0 parts.

(6) Chlorinated paraffin has good compatibility with PVC, poor transparency, good effect when used with other lubricants, and the dosage is less than 0.5 parts.


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