5 features of the coating wetting agent

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1, Low VOC and APEO-free. is an environmentally friendly wetting agent that replaces alkyl phenol.

2, Strong wetting ability, good viscosity reduction, excellent wetting performance on the surface of various inorganic and organic color fillers, especially for difficult to disperse systems, improve the compatibility of pigments and emulsions, help improve the phenomenon of floating color and flowering in emulsion paints, improve the color spread and stability of coatings, extend the storage period of coatings and mechanical stability.

3, Provides good polymerization, chemical, mechanical and freeze-thaw stability of emulsions.

4, It is very soluble in cold water and can be diluted with cold water at room temperature without forming gel-like substance.

5, It can improve the wettability of paint film to a variety of substrates; strong ability to reduce surface tension, especially dynamic surface tension, for spray coatings. Can quickly wet the substrate and provide good bonding effect.












①Hex Cem LFD is a lead-free slow-release catalyst. The components contain zirconium, rare earth metal and alkaline earth metal compounds and anti-drying additives, and do not contain cobalt soap. In the storage process, the drier component is released to supplement the drier adsorbed by the pigment to prevent the drying phenomenon and avoid the wrinkles caused by excessive cobalt soap consumption.
Color blue and white non-volatile
Relative density 0.926 Hegman fineness

Sales degree 7%
②21% Cobalt Ten Cen “Feeder” Drier is a cobalt-type slow-release drier, pure montan wax which is used to overcome the loss of drying of inks and coatings during storage. Carbon black, toluidine red and iron blue pigments are easy to absorb cobalt soap. This product has anti-hydrolysis and anti-drying agent adsorption. It can also be used as a cobalt slow-release agent in unsaturated polyester resins to prevent its activity from being reduced.
Color blue non-volatile content 71%
Cobalt content 21% Ringelmann fineness 5

③Hydro Cure is a water-dispersed composite needle catalyst, used for water-dispersed alcohol resin coatings, and will not lose dryness due to hydrolysis during storage.
Color red purple non-volatile matter 52%
Relative density d No. 0.926 Viscosity (Gas: 25℃) A

④Potassium Hex-cem is used in unsaturated polyester resin to promote the catalysis of diamond soap and accelerate the crosslinking reaction of unsaturated polyester resin. Adding 0.01%~0.04% can reduce the amount of cobalt soap and reduce the color of resin products.


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