HY-352 environmental friendly coating wetting agent

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HY-352 wetting agent is a non-ionic surfactant, APEO-free, with good water solubility, good fluidity at low temperature, can effectively improve the dispersion of pigments, improve the color spreading performance of water-based coatings, and can help improve the gloss of the coating.

Ingredients: Alkyl polyoxyethylene ether
Appearance: Clarified liquid
HLB value: 12.5
Specific gravity: (20℃): 1.01-1.05g/cm3
Ionicity: Non-ionic
Effective content: 70%
pH(20℃): 6-8(10% aqueous solution)
Solubility in water: can be mixed with water in any proportion to form a transparent liquid.












Brand name and characteristics of drier
The driers used earlier in paint production are linoleic acid or rosin acid soaps of Pb, Co, and Mn, and most of them are produced by paint manufacturers. At present, a series of organic acid metal soaps are used as driers, which are supplied as solvent gasoline solutions with a certain metal content. There are also solvent-free driers used in inks and some special coatings. Table 6-5 shows the general characteristics of commercial driers, but they vary depending on the manufacturer. The drier must maintain good solubility and stability in the solvent, and have good miscibility with various coatings.

Mixed acid soap drier
The mixed acid soap drier is a drier made by mixing synthetic carboxylic acid and self-produced montan wax organic acid. The product quality is stable and consistent, the concentration is high, and the price is low.

Neodecanoic acid soap drier
Neodecanoic acid soap drier is a special drier prepared by synthetic neodecanoic acid, with light color and small odor, excellent solubility and stability, and good drying ability.

Naphthenic acid-neodecanoic acid soap drier
Naphthenic acid-neodecanoic acid soap drier is a metal soap made from a mixture of naphthenic acid and synthetic neodecanoic acid. The price is lower and it has the advantages of synthetic carboxylic acid soap. The metal content is higher than naphthenic acid soap.

Water dispersible drier
Water-dispersible drier is a water-dispersible drier made by mixing synthetic carboxylic acid and organic acid. The product has good stability and is easy to mix with the components of water-based paint. Lead soap is easily hydrolyzed, so zirconium drier is used.


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