Application of dispersant KOS163 for coatings

2021-09-28   Pageview:265

Application scope:
1. For the dispersion of high specific surface carbon black and organic pigments.
2. Used in thermoplastic (solid) and hydroxyacrylate, polyester and other automotive and plastic paints.
3. Used in alkyd and other wood lacquer systems















In other words, is it a bubble without surfactant adsorption, or a bubble with surfactant adsorption. The “bare” bubble without surfactant adsorption will tear open immediately, and the air it encloses will escape: the liquid will flow freely. Surfactant-adsorbed bubbles, that is, bubbles with a surface film. The hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups in the surfactant molecules are adsorbed by the bubble wall and are regularly arranged on the gas-liquid interface to form an elastic film to prevent The rupture of the bubble film. In addition, oxidized hydrocarbon wax surface tension has a direct relationship with temperature. As the temperature increases, the surface tension drops immediately, which is why the paint foams more in summer, and why the paint foams more when the high temperature is generated under the high shear force of the paint production.

Marangoni effect
The thermodynamic point of view also believes that the Ma-rangoni effect will be produced in the presence of soluble surfactants. The effect is that: “liquid will automatically flow from a place with low surface tension to a place with high surface tension. The high surface tension area tends to shrink and cause tangential movement at the interface.” When the foam is just formed, the liquid in the foam film The action of gravity immediately starts to flow downwards, which drives the surfactant molecules to flow downwards, causing the bottom surface tension to be lower than the upper surface tension.


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