How to use KOS163 dispersant for coatings

2021-09-28   Pageview:353

Usage: Dissolve KOS163 in the mixture of grinding base material first, then add pigment for grinding.














At the beginning, the surface tension of the 10 aqueous solution dropped sharply with the increase of the concentration of the surface active agent 0204060.8. The content of sodium lauryl sulfate/% oxidized hdpe wax According to Milles and Shed lov sky, the concentration and actuality of surfactants are verified in Figure 3-3.

The lowest point in the curve is the relationship between the surface tension of impurities and enough surface is gathered. The active material is densely distributed on the liquid surface without any gaps, forming a so-called monomolecular film, which minimizes the surface tension. The lower the surface tension, the less free energy the system needs to form foam, and the easier it is to generate foam. In actual use, in order to stabilize the emulsion, the concentration of the surfactant used is always greater than the critical micelle concentration to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of excess surfactant to enclose the mixed air with a firmer liquid film. , The formation of bubbles.

Generally speaking, pure water or even pure surfactants cannot form an elastic film due to the uniformity of the surface and the interior, so their foam is always unstable [3. When air enters the foam system, the bubbles rise to the surface of the liquid and pass through the surface. Whether there is a surfactant in the liquid system or not, their behavior is very different. It depends on whether these bubbles are “bare” bubbles or bubbles with a surface film.


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