How to choose defoamer for coating?

2021-09-07   Pageview:331

1, It should have a lower surface tension than the foaming medium.

2, It is insoluble in the foaming medium, and thus can exist in the system in the form of particles to destroy the elastic film that is just about to generate foam and inhibit the generation of foam.

3, It has good diffusion, can quickly spread in the bubble film surface and can penetrate the bubble thin wall, replacing the stabilizing effect of surfactants and other substances on the foam, so that the thin wall of the bubble film gradually thinned and ruptured.












The role of defoamer and foam inhibitor is mainly to inhibit the generation of foam during the production and use of coatings, and when the foam is generated, it can quickly eliminate the additives.

Among them, can effectively inhibit the generation of foam called foam inhibitor, can make the foam generated quickly from small to large, while effectively reducing the viscosity of the system, so that the bubble quickly rise to the surface of the liquid or the surface of the coating film and eliminated is called defoamer, can promote the rapid destruction of the foam called bubble-breaking agent. In general, the three are collectively referred to as defoamer.

Micronized wax quality for sale, it can provide the coating with good hardness, and excellent abrasion resistance, with the good performances which the wax emulsion can not reach. It has excellent dispersity and can get good matting effect at the same time. It can provide good transparency in solvent-based systems.


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