Performance of dispersant KOS2000 for coatings

2021-09-28   Pageview:353

Dispersant KOS2000 Product properties and advantages:

Dispersant KOS2000 is an amino acid ester polymeric dispersant that improves the dispersion and stability of organic/inorganic pigments in coating and ink systems. Increase the wetting and coloring performance of coatings.

Improves gloss and pigment spreading of the system. It can shorten the grinding time and improve the production efficiency and other advantages. Good dispersibility for carbon black.














So far, a single equation has not been able to fully explain the stability of the bubble, which shows that people’s understanding of the bubble problem is not yet mature.

But as we all know, in order to achieve the stability of the bubble, the following conditions must be met:
r initial radius; r-final radius
It must be liquid and composed of at least two substances;
②There must be soluble surfactants;
③Ma-rangoni effect must be produced;
④A gel-like surface layer must be formed.
There is no doubt that all coating formulations can meet the first condition. Now we discuss oxidized ft wax other issues.
The presence of soluble surfactants
The increase in free energy of the foam system is caused by the product of the surface tension and the increased surface area. From this point of view, the degree of difficulty of foam generation at 80 degrees is directly related to the surface tension of the liquid system. Now take sodium lauryl sulfate as an example to illustrate the relationship between the concentration of surfactant in the aqueous solution and surface tension.


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