What is the wettability of a liquid?

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Wetting performance is a measure of the affinity of liquid substances for solid substances. The main forms are
a, the wetting of the solid surface.
b, spreading on the surface of the solid.
c, penetration on the surface of the solid.
Simply put, good wettability of the liquid is easy to spread in the solid surface, easy to penetrate into the gaps of the solid surface.














Due to the Marangoni effect, the liquid with low surface tension at the bottom will automatically flow to the area of ​​the upper high surface tension liquid. In the bubble film, the bubble film thickness is increased by the surfactant liquid flowing in the opposite direction from the bubble generated by the pure liquid. The bubbles are stabilized. The repair ability of this Marangoni effect is usually expressed by Gibbs elastic modulus E: the change in the surface tension of the bubbling liquid; the d(lnA) liquid film area changes logarithmically.

It shows that the greater the surface tension adjustment stress caused by the change of the oxidized ft wax liquid film area, the higher the value of E and the stronger the repair ability of the film.

The foam properties of surfactants include its foaming and foam stabilization. Recent studies have shown that the foaming and foam stabilization of the surfactant aqueous solution both increase with the increase of the surfactant concentration, and reach the limit after reaching a certain concentration. For three different types of surfactant systems: anionic, cationic, and non-ionic, the foaming limit is similar, but the foam stabilizing limit is quite different.


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