Advantages of Luwax AF wax

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Luwax AF wax has almost no effect on the gloss of the ink film. The gloss of the print depends on the properties of the wax, pigment and linker in the ink. The homogeneous dispersion of the fine fine wax ensures no loss of gloss, even at higher additions, compared to irregular waxes.

At room temperature, Luwax AF waxes are insoluble in water or slightly in common solvents, but at elevated temperatures they are soluble in aliphatic and aromatic and other less solvents. In the presence of wetting agents (surfactants) can be mixed into water-based system coatings and inks.














Associative thickener and formula balance
The high-resistance emulsions used in the preparation of modern latex paints emerge in endlessly, and the available inorganic substances can basically meet the requirements. At this time, where is the balance point of the high-solids water-reducing formula design The role of associative thickeners It will be the support point of the polymer coating with water as the continuous phase.

How can polymer particles and inorganic particles be uniformly distributed during storage and construction? The advent of associative thickeners makes it possible. Polyurethane and polyether associative thickeners are medium and low molecular weight non-ionic polymers, and their hydrophobic ends interact with emulsion particles or inorganic substances to form an associative network structure through the action of secondary forces (van der Waals forces and hydrogen bonds), as shown in Figure 28 -3 [3] This association is the cohesion between non-bonded groups and molecules. This is different from the chemical bond (main valence force) between polymers, but a physical force. The network formed by the hydrophilic chains of polyether has a strong water retention effect, which can effectively control the viscosity of the continuous phase water. During high-speed shearing, the network of secondary forces is broken, and the water in the network is released to become “free water” with low viscosity, which is helpful for construction. After the shearing stops, the time to resume the associative network is the control point for leveling and anti-sagging.

Connect with emulsion particles and pigment and filler particles
Form structural arrangement; thickening effect is restricted by hydrophobicity in formula
The hydrophobicity of ingredients and surfactants, solvent properties and temperature
According to the different types of associative thickeners, the low-shear, medium-shear and high-shear viscosity of coatings have different control capabilities. Associative thickeners are subject to the following factors: the degree of hydrophobicity of the polymer particles and their protective gels. The stronger the hydrophobicity, the more significant the associative effect.

The finer the particle size of wax emulsions, the stronger the association and the more stable it is. The particle size and surface treatment of the inorganic particles, the type and quantity of the adsorbed dispersant.


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