Physical index of DH-4073 leveling wetting agent

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Physical index
Appearance: colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Effectiveness Content: 99.9%
Density(25℃ g/cm3): 0.95~1.0
Surface tension 25℃(mN/m): 20.0~24.0
Water solubility Water solubility: water soluble, oil soluble











Redox initiation system of combination of tetravalent ornamental salt and alcohol, amine, mercaptan, etc.
The redox initiation system composed of clock salt and alcohol, aldehyde, ketamine, mercaptan, etc. is mainly used for graft copolymerization of starch, cellulose, polyvinyl alcohol, etc. as the main chain of grafting. When water-soluble persulfate is used as the graft polymerization initiator, wax for oxidized paint with the generation of initiating free radicals, low-molecular free radicals are also generated, which often leads to an increase in homopolymers, and the grafting efficiency generally does not exceed 50%. Using a redox initiation system such as cerium salt can make the grafting efficiency reach 90%. Grafting reaction of hydroxyl-containing polymers.

RC Hz OH+Ce(Ⅳ) A complex intermediate—-RCH OH+H++Ce(Ⅲ)

Hydroxy-containing polymer tetravalent salt
Take starch grafting as an example to illustrate the initiation of tetravalent clock salt. Cerium ammonium nitrate is used as the initiator to initiate the grafting reaction of starch grafting methyl methacrylate, methyl acrylate, butyl acrylate and acrylic acid. The grafting ability of these vinyl monomers with starch is the highest with methyl acrylate. Strong, its grafting ability is in the order of methyl acrylate>methyl methacrylate>butyl acrylate>acrylic acid; the length of the esterification group of methacrylate has a great influence on the grafting reaction, and the grafting ability is methacrylic acid Methyl methacrylate≥ethyl methacrylate>butyl methacrylate. Rahman et al. [9] studied the grafting of methyl acrylate on starch induced by decorated ammonium nitrate. When the temperature is 50℃ and the reaction time is 60min, the grafting rate is higher.


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