Application of polyethylene wax in irradiated cable materials

2022-01-16   Pageview:284

PVC cable material can improve the temperature resistance grade after irradiation, but only from the aspect of temperature resistance grade, PVC material can reach the temperature resistance grade of 70℃, 90℃ and 105℃ by the choice of resin polymerization, plasticizer and stabilizer, and people also try to develop new plasticizer and stabilizer, so that PVC material can reach the temperature resistance requirement of 125℃ without irradiation.

In the cable material will also generally add lubricants (such as silicone, waxes), compatibilizers, color powder, etc., they have their own role in the material, the amount added is not much, considering that irradiation may be on the destruction of the chemical bond of these materials, so that they lose or reduce the effect, in the formulation also need to use irradiation-resistant materials or appropriate increase the amount.

Polyethylene wax as an additive can be added directly to polyolefin processing, it can increase the light translation and processing properties of the product. As a lubricant, it is chemically stable and has good electrical properties.

Oxidized polyethylene wax molecular chain with a certain amount of carbonyl and hydroxyl, oxidized polyethylene wax is an excellent new polar wax, so the compatibility with fillers, pigments, polar resin is significantly improved, lubricity, dispersion is better than polyethylene wax, but also both coupling properties. The oxidized polyethylene wax has good compatibility with polyolefin resins, etc. It has good moisture resistance at room temperature, strong chemical resistance, excellent electrical properties, can improve the appearance of finished products, and has special properties such as low viscosity, high softening point and good hardness.


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