Features of ASD-YT anti-mildew agent for oil-based coatings

2021-12-04   Pageview:300

1, broad-spectrum antibacterial performance, a small amount that is effective against mold, bacteria, yeast and algae.

2, high efficiency, environmental protection, in full compliance with the most stringent EU regulations, safe for humans and animals.

3, the use of a wide range of PH, added to the resin does not affect the chemical properties of the resin itself.

4, uniform dispersion, heat stable, no decomposition at high temperature below 300℃.












Generally speaking, the organic tensor acid ester additives used in these coatings should not be regarded as substitutes for metal surface chemical treatment agents. However, since the quality of the inorganically treated metal surface may change during the service, organic phosphonate coating additives can play a balanced role, so as to maintain the overall performance of the metal coating system. If the paint is applied to an untreated metal surface, the paint additives will also bring some improvement that can be seen as a result of chemical pretreatment. The optimum concentration of each paint must be determined one by one. For example, to improve salt spray test and outdoor weather resistance, 2% is more effective than 5%. Used as a quick-drying varnish for car repair paint. Adding this additive can improve wet adhesion. They can also improve the detergent resistance of appliance coatings and the adhesion on galvanized iron sheets.

Professor Bao Qiding, chairman of the Water Treatment Professional Committee of China Chemical Industry Society, reviewed the current situation and future of organic phosphonic acid scale and corrosion inhibitors in the article “Organic phosphonic acid scale and corrosion inhibitors”, and discussed the relationship between structure and performance. Pay attention to certain characteristics of the new generation of organic phosphonic acids, such as molecular weight and the combination of phosphonic acid groups and oligomers.

Domestic Jiyuan Qingyuan Water Treatment Co., Ltd., Beijing Tuokai Chemical Co., Ltd. and Shandong Zaozhuang Taihe Chemical Plant produce organic phosphonate additives series products, which are mainly used for corrosion and scale inhibition in circulating water systems and oilfield water injection systems.

Maintaining the adhesion of the coating to metal substrates exposed to harsh environments is an important factor in preventing corrosion. Damage to the integrity of the coating film will result in the loss of barrier properties, which will then be attacked by corrosion. If there can be a coating system with a corrosion inhibitor, it can protect the passivation surface of the metal, resist the chloride ions that penetrate through the coating, and at the same time provide a bond that can form a bond between the metal oxide layer and the organic coating. Compound, that would be very ideal.


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