Leveling and wetting agent for water-based coatings

2021-09-30   Pageview:249

DH-4073 leveling and wetting agent is a unique silicone surfactant for reducing surface tension. The addition amount is small, and a small amount of addition can achieve high performance.













Hydrogen peroxide-metal ion (M leaf) redox initiation system The redox initiation system reacts.
The generated high-valent metal ions [M(n+1)+] react with hydrogen peroxide to reduce to low-valent metal ions.
R-OO-H+M(all) +一ROO·+H-+M”(4-33)

Commonly used in industry is the combination of cyclohexanone peroxide or msds polyethylene wax methyl ethyl ketone peroxide and cobalt naphthenate. For example, unsaturated polyester with 0.5%~2.0% cyclohexanone peroxide and 0.1%~0.3% cobalt naphthenate mixed initiator can quickly crosslink to form a film at room temperature.

When cobalt naphthenate is used as a reducing agent, adding a small amount of tertiary amine compounds such as N,N-dimethylaniline and or a small amount of ketones (such as acetone) has a significant promoting effect. If a small amount is added, it is easy to form a complex with cobalt ions. Some compounds, such as water, free glycols or certain other metal salts, will cause a decrease in the initiation efficiency. When there is a small amount of manganese naphthenate in the system, the curing speed is significantly reduced.


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