Role of HD2008 Graphene Dispersant

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This product is a hyperdispersant specially developed for aqueous graphene dispersion. It can make high solid content and low viscosity aqueous graphene dispersion, easy to grind and disperse, and can make nano graphene slurry. The milled graphene slurry has excellent storage stability, no delamination and no back coarsening. The production of nano slurry is simple, short grinding time, is the ideal graphene dispersant for making high solids aqueous graphene slurry.












Peroxydicarbonate is a high-activity initiator, used to increase the polymerization reaction rate or reduce the polymerization temperature. Peroxydicarbonate is heated to liberate carbon dioxide and generate two alkoxy radicals.

oxidized wax vs brazilian
(R-O-C-0) Heating 2RO·+2CO: (4-15) The decomposition reaction can also proceed slowly at room temperature. Most peroxydicarbonates need to be stored below -10°C, which is inconvenient to transport, and is generally produced on site by the unit. It is more stable after being formulated into a solution, and is mostly used for olefin polymerization.
Inorganic peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest peroxide. Its thermal decomposition reaction has the following two forms:
2HO, heating 2H2O+O(4-16)
2HO·(4-17) is below 100°C, and the formula (4-16) is the main one. A very high activation energy is required, about 220kJ/mol to produce the homolytic decomposition reaction of formula (4-17), and the experimental temperature is above 100°C. Therefore, hydrogen peroxide is generally not used as an initiator alone.


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