Introduction of 972 water-based adhesion promoter

2021-11-18   Pageview:586

CNHYBOND-972 primer is a water-based polymer made of acrylic acid polymerization, adding a small amount of 972 water-based paints, coatings, glues, inks are extremely easy to form a cross-linked mesh structure with the surface of the substrate, thus giving water-based paints, coatings, coatings, glues, inks excellent adhesion, flexibility and tear resistance. Long its is water-based paint, ink, ink, heat transfer, printing, UV varnish, etc.















Anti-caking agent (releasing agent or loosening agent) is an auxiliary agent added to prevent powder coating from agglomeration during manufacture, storage and use under conditions of high ambient temperature, and to make it loose or loose. In the summer high temperature season, due to the low glass transition temperature of the resin in the powder coating composition, or the effect of the curing agent and other additives, the low glass transition temperature of the powder coating causes the powder coating to be manufactured, stored and used in the process Easy to agglomerate. Among the important reasons why powder coatings are easy to agglomerate, the internal reason is that the glass transition temperature of the resin, curing agent and additives selected in the formulation design is lower than 50 ℃ or the chemical stability is not good; the external reason is that the ambient temperature is higher than 35 ℃ , To accelerate the thermal motion of some substance molecules ptfe water dispersion in the powder and penetrate each other, and the affinity and cohesion are enhanced to agglomerate.

By adding anti-caking agents (releasing agents or bulking agents) to reduce the cohesion between powder coating particles, or powder coatings The isolation between particles, or the absorption of moisture in the contact part of the powder coating with the air, etc., improves the anti-caking performance of the powder coating.

Anti-caking agent (releasing agent or loosening agent) has two types: internal type (anti-caking agent is added when preparing powder coating) and external type (anti-caking agent is added to finished or semi-finished products after powder coating is made).

When the internal additive type is used to manufacture powder coatings, the anti-caking agent is added to the formula during the raw material pre-mixing process, and is dispersed with other ingredients by melt extrusion mixing dispersion method; the external additive type is the material pre-mixing and melt extrusion mixing process No, it is added in the fine pulverization process or in the finished product by dry mixing method.

The internal addition type anti-caking agent (bulking agent) has a compound of acrylic polymer and organic compound, white flakes and white powders. After adding it, it adjusts the affinity and cohesion between the film-forming molecules in the powder coating. It can increase the anti-caking temperature of powder coatings, improve the storage stability of powder coatings, and improve the fluidity of powder coatings (reduce the angle of repose). In electrostatic powder spraying, the powder coating is not easy to block the spray gun, avoiding the phenomenon of powder coating agglomeration and sticking to the wall, and also helps to improve the powder loading rate.


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