Coating drying performance measurement method (1)

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Surface drying time measurement method

Surface drying refers to the formation of thin film only on the surface of the coating film, available finger lightly touch the coating film sample, catch some sticky, but not sticky finger state to measure the surface drying time of the coating film, you can put the cotton ball on the coating film sample, 10-15cm away from the cotton ball with the mouth along the horizontal direction soft blow cotton ball, can blow the cotton ball away, the surface of the coating film does not leave cotton silk, the time experienced is the surface drying time . Or lightly touch the sample film with fingers, feel some sticky, but no paint sticky on the fingers, the time experienced in the speech is the surface drying time.










Ethanolamine-glycidyl ether antistatic agent
The reaction products of primary amines, secondary amines and glycidyl ethers are also non-ionic antistatic agents. Its representative product is Cya stat 477 from Cytec, USA. fischer tropsch wax structure Its chemical composition is N-(3-dodecyloxy-2). -Hydroxypropyl)ethanolamine.
Cya stat 477 has good antistatic properties and thermal stability. It is mainly used as an antistatic agent for plastics and can also be applied to other polymers.

Amphoteric antistatic agent
Amphoteric antistatic agent has the function of cationic active agent and anionic active agent, and can be used in conjunction with the surfactant formed by these two ions, and has good compatibility with polymer materials. Antistatic agent has good high temperature performance. Its chemical structure includes quaternary ammonium inner salt, amphoteric alkyl imidazoline salt and alkyl acid salt and so on. 1. Quaternary ammonium salt antistatic agent
The quaternary ammonium salt antistatic agent has the following general structural formula:
Among them, R, R4, and R are alkyl groups, hydroxyethyl groups, ethylene oxide adduct chains, etc., and at least one long carbon chain alkyl group. Since the quaternary ammonium internal salt antistatic agent also has a quaternary ammonium salt structure, it has good water solubility in a wide pH range. Its representative species, dodecyl quaternary ammonium hydantoin, is used in fiber antistatic treatment widely. Quaternary ammonium internal salt antistatic agents are generally prepared by reacting tertiary amines with long carbon chains with sodium chloroacetate.

Amphoteric alkyl imidazoline antistatic agent
Amphoteric alkyl imidazoline antistatic agents are derivatives of alkyl imidazolines, such as 1-carboxymethyl-1-(-hydroxyethyl)-2-alkyl-2-imidazoline salt hydroxide .
Similar to the quaternary ammonium inner salt zwitterionic antistatic agent, the amphoteric imidazoline salt is antistatic, has excellent antistatic properties, and has good compatibility with a variety of polymers. Its heat resistance stability is highly related to metal ions, but Higher than quaternary ammonium salts.


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