Commonly used types of mold inhibitors – fumaric acid and its esters

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Fumaric acid and its esters

Fumaric acid esters include dimethyl fumarate, diethyl fumarate and dibutyl fumarate, etc., among which dimethyl fumarate has a better effect on mildew. Fumaric acid and its esters are also acidic mold inhibitors, with a wide antibacterial spectrum, and can improve the taste of feed and improve feed utilization, the general application amount of about 0.2%.















The antifouling effect of tin self-polishing antifouling paint is longer, generally 3 to 5 years. The anti-fouling effect of anti-fouling paint is directly proportional to the thickness of the paint film.
N=N in the work style-anti-pollution period, month;
T——The thickness of paint film, jm;
S polishing rate, jm/month.

Wuxi self-polishing antifouling paint
The organotin self-polishing marine antifouling coating wax emulsion pdf contains organotin as high as 10% to 30%, and the pollution of the marine ecological environment has attracted widespread attention from all countries. The content of tributyltin reaches 1×10-6, which can cause shellfish teratogenicity, especially in the waters near offshore and shipyards. The consequences of the use of organotin antifouling coatings are more serious. In recent years, some countries have successively legislated restrictions Use organotin antifouling paint. Western developed countries have stipulated in the 1990s that organotin antifouling coatings can only be used on ships longer than 25m. Copolymer antifouling coatings with a content (in dry film) greater than 7.5% and tin content greater than 2.5 are prohibited. % Non-polymeric antifouling paint. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires the use of organotin antifouling coatings to be banned from 2003, and the plan to completely ban organotin antifouling coatings in 2008 will become an international regulation.


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