Anti-mold anti-bacterial agent applications – polyvinyl chloride

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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): additives commonly used in plastics, such as plasticizers, starch fillers, thickeners, lubricants, etc. are particularly vulnerable to the threat of microbial growth, microorganisms use plasticizers and other components as their carbon source, which can cause discoloration, odor, stickiness and eventually lead to embrittlement.














Varieties and performance of marine antifouling agents This chapter only discusses several commonly used and important antifouling agents, and the banned antifouling agents such as DDT, organic arsenic, organic lead, and mercury oxide will not be discussed. Marine antifouling agents are mainly divided into inorganic antifouling agents and organic antifouling agents.

Inorganic antifouling agent
Inorganic antifouling agents are mainly copper-containing inorganic compounds.
Cuprous oxide
The molecular formula of cuprous oxide is Cu gO, which is currently the most commonly used antifouling agent that can meet environmental requirements.
The size of the cuprous oxide particles is generally 1 to 5 pm, depending on the preparation wax emulsion definition method, spherical or irregular shapes can be obtained. Cuprous oxide is soluble in seawater with a solubility of 5.4pg/mL.
Cuprous oxide must be stored in a dry environment. If it is damp or exposed to air for a long time during storage, oxidative deterioration will occur, and the antifouling performance of the antifouling coating will be seriously reduced. The changes of cuprous oxide during storage are shown in Table 9-3.

The solubility of copper oxide in seawater is extremely small (1.3×10-1~9×10-5pg/mL), so it has no anti-fouling effect, and it also prevents the exudation of cuprous oxide. Some foreign companies improve their oxidation resistance by treating the surface of cuprous oxide.


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