Physical index of powder anti-mold agent BJ-75

2021-10-19   Pageview:493

Appearance: White ultra-fine powder
Active ingredient: 75.0±1.0%
pH value: 6.0-8.5
Solubility soluble in water, can be evenly dispersed in water-based paints, coatings, glues and other dispersion systems.
Stability: 2 years shelf life at 25℃















The anti-crater and leveling agent used in the coating are designed based on the above three aspects. According to different coating systems, users can choose anti-shrinkage and leveling agents to help the coating film wet the substrate, promote the flow and leveling of the coating film, and obtain a flat and smooth coating surface.
There are mainly three types of commonly used anti-cratering and leveling agents, micronized wax dispersion namely modified silicones, polyacrylates and solvents.

1. Modified silicone anti-crater and leveling agent
All silicone anti-cratering and leveling agents are derived from polydimethylsiloxane. Such additives belong to polydimethylsiloxane modified with polyether, polyester, long-chain alkyl, aralkyl, or reactive groups such as hydroxyl, vinyl, etc., depending on the structure of the modified group, The difference in number and molecular weight, the position of substituents and the difference in molecular weight of polysiloxanes are different in performance and use, but most of them can strongly reduce the surface tension of the coating and improve the coating’s wettability to the substrate.

Wetness to prevent shrinkage; it can reduce the surface tension gradient of the wet film surface due to solvent volatilization or uneven surface caused by coating, shorten the time of surface flow and upper and lower convection, help uniformize the surface tension as soon as possible, and improve the surface The fluid state avoids the appearance of orange peel, brush marks, roll marks, sagging, blooming and other ills. Such additives can also form an extremely thin and smooth film on the surface of the coating film, thereby improving the smoothness and gloss of the coating film surface. Unmodified polydimethylsiloxane has a lot of low surface tension methyl groups, so it has a strong ability to reduce surface tension and improve leveling. It shows different properties depending on the molecular weight.


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