Dry film anti-mildew agent TIO-20

2021-10-20   Pageview:702

Oil-based paint anti-mildew agent dry film anti-mildew agent TIO-20 is produced using our proprietary technology suitable for polymer materials, artificial leather and microfiber sexual anti-mildew fungicide, is a low toxicity, broad-spectrum products, has a strong effect on the killing of mold, can achieve the ideal anti-mildew effect.













Hydroxyl-containing modified silicone
Used for solvent-based and solvent-free coatings that can be cross-linked with primary hydroxyl groups to strongly reduce the surface tension, promote the wetness of the substrate, and effectively eliminate the shrinkage caused by the contamination of the substrate by silicone oil and oil company grease , Improve leveling Polyacrylate anti-cratering, leveling agent, this type of leveling agent is a linear resin with limited miscibility with the coating, such as acrylate homopolymer or copolymer. Because the copolymer is easy to adjust the glass transition temperature,
surface tension and compatibility with the coating, the applicability is greater than that of the homopolymer.

The ideal polyacrylate anti-cratering and leveling agent should have narrow molecular weight distribution, lower surface tension, lower glass transition temperature, suitable molecular weight and limited compatibility with film-forming polymers. They can partially migrate to the surface of the coating film by virtue of their lower surface tension and incomplete miscibility than the coating, and increase the degree of enrichment on the surface with the improvement of immiscibility, thereby forming a monolayer film on the surface of the wet film carnauba wax emulsion It reduces the surface flow, promotes the uniformity of the surface tension of the coating film, suppresses the volatilization rate of the solvent, and gives the wet film more leveling time, thus reducing or eliminating surface defects such as orange peel, brush marks, roll marks, and spilt. , Make the coating film smooth and flat.

The leveling effect provided by polyacrylate anti-cratering and leveling agents is far greater than the anti-cratering effect, because their effect on reducing the surface tension of the coating is less than that of the modified silicone, thus improving the wettability of the coating to the substrate Not as efficient as modified silicones. In practical applications, in order to obtain the best coating surface, the modified silicone and polyacrylate can be shared to achieve good coordination between substrate wetting, anti-cratering and leveling.


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