Packaging and storage of ADM-TQ paint anti-mildew agent

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ADM-TQ is packed in 25KG blue quadruple plastic drums, please keep this product in a cool and dry place.

It can be stored for three years at room temperature and should not be touched by children, avoid contact with mouth, nose, eyes, etc. If it comes into contact with eyes or mouth and nose, please rinse with plenty of water immediately.











Using the same test conditions, emulsified cobalt neodecanoate and cobalt chloride were added to the emulsified alkyd emulsion. The emulsified cobalt neodecanoate has a short surface drying time. After storage for 7 days to 35 days, the surface is dry. The time is basically unchanged.

The type of drier and the order of addition before and after emulsification have basically no significant difference in the effects of surface drying time and loss of drying.

Dryness of pigment-containing alkyd emulsion coatings
(1) The effect of pigments on dryness causes the water-emulsified alkyd paint to lose dryness during storage. Another reason is the adsorption of the drier by the pigment, which is the same as the solvent-based alkyd paint. Pigments such as carbon black and titanium white have the ability to adsorb driers, which reduces their properties.
(2) The effect of pigment dispersant on dryness In pigment-containing alkyd emulsion coatings, it is generally necessary to use a pigment dispersant to disperse the pigment. Pigment dispersants commonly used in other water-based latex coatings (such as polyacrylates, sodium hexametaphosphate, etc.), when hd poxy montan wax used in alkyd emulsion systems, will greatly slow down the surface drying time. This is because the sodium ions and ammonium ions in the sodium polyacrylate or ammonium can exchange with the cobalt ions to form cobalt polyacrylate, forming a precipitate, making the emulsion light pink and the dry film fogging, and deactivating the cobalt drier. Ammonium ions and cobalt can also form hexaammonium complexes, further reducing the dryness of alkyd emulsion coatings. The polymeric phosphate anion in the sodium hexametaphosphate can also form a precipitate of cobalt metaphosphate with the cobalt ion, and as a result, it also deactivates the cobalt drier.


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