ADM-TQ Anti-mildew agent for paints

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ADM-TQ anti-mold agent is a water-soluble anti-mold fungicide. It has low toxicity, broad-spectrum bactericidal characteristics, and has a strong killing effect on microorganisms such as mold, fungi, algae, etc. ADM-TQ paint anti-mildew agent can be widely used in water-based water-soluble coatings, water-dilutable coatings, water-dispersible coatings (latex coatings). In practice, ADM-TQ anti-mildew agent will not change the physical properties of the paint, and is compatible with the paint, which can effectively ensure that the paint with ADM-TQ anti-mildew agent will not show yellowing, mildew and cracking caused by microbial reproduction in a humid environment, making the paint surface as bright as before.











Effect of co-solvent
The composition, properties and relative proportion of the co-solvent have an impact on the dryness of the coating film. After the coating is applied, the volatilization rate of the components in the co-solvent should be balanced. If the water evaporates from the coating film faster than the organic solvent, the relative content of the solvent in the coating film is high, the viscosity is reduced, and it is easy to cause sagging, which affects the appearance of the paint film; if the solvent evaporates faster than water, the moisture content in the coating film is relatively high, The intermediate film-forming material will also aggregate due to the reduction of organic solvents, and the high water content has a large blocking effect on the auto-oxidation rate and prolongs the drying time of the coating film. It has been proved that the solubility of oxygen in water is less than that in solvents. The smaller crude montan wax solubility of oxygen in water will slow the oxygen absorption rate of the water-based air-drying alkyd resin, prolong the induction period and prolong the drying time.

The influence of pH
After water-diluted alkyd coatings are stored, their drying rate often slows down with the prolonged storage time. This is the technical key to this type of coatings-the problem of “loss of dryness”. The main problem is improper resin formulation design, easy to produce hydrolysis, so that the stable base is separated from macromolecules, resulting in instability of the system, hydrolysis, and affecting dryness. In addition to the formula, hydrolysis is also related to pH control. Try to keep the pH below 8.5 to reduce the rate of hydrolysis [6s].


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