Application of anti-mildew agent KP-M20 for interior wall coating

2021-10-23   Pageview:361

It is suitable for latex coating, diatomite coating, putty powder coating, polyurethane coating, polypropylene emulsion to enhance the anti-mildew ability of products.












Titanocene photoinitiator not only absorbs well in the visible light area, but also has a strong absorption in the UV light area, but because the extinction coefficient in the UV light area is too large, it can only be effective for thin layer curing, and the bottom layer has light shielding. In the visible light region, the situation is different. hdpe wax quality The titanocene photoinitiator is irradiated by visible light and undergoes photolysis. The molecular structure is destroyed. Therefore, the light absorption performance at 480nm long wavelength gradually decreases with the light. This is the light mentioned above. Bleaching effect. This makes the titanocene photoinitiator very suitable for visible light curing of thick coatings, and the applicable thickness can reach 1201 above 70pm.

Fluorinated diphenyl titanocene photoinitiator has a special photoinitiation mechanism, which is neither a cleavage type nor a hydrogen abstraction type.

The thermal decomposition temperature of fluorinated diphenyl titanocene is 230°C, and it can be boiled in acetic acid or sodium hydroxide solution for several hours without change 27). Sensitivity and photoreactivity are very high. The 40pm-thick titanocene/acrylate system only needs to be irradiated with a 488nm spectral line with an energy as low as 0.8mJ/cm² to promote polymerization [28]. In the acrylate system, the photoinitiation efficiency of 0.3% fluorinated diphenyl titanocene photoinitiator is 2~6 times higher than that of 2% DMPA (Irg a cure 651) photoinitiator. If calculated by equimolar concentration, the fluorine Substituted diphenyl titanocene photoinitiator has higher activity.


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