Technical index of anti-mildew agent KP-M20

2021-10-23   Pageview:324

Appearance milky white dispersion,
density 1.14~1.20g/ml,
heat resistance less than 180℃,
Ph (25℃) 5.0~8.0,
effective content more than 40%.











In addition to the above-mentioned hydrogen-abstraction photoinitiators, hdpe wax producers there are anthraquinone/tertiary amine photoinitiator systems, camphorquinone/tertiary amine photoinitiator systems, 3-ketocoumarin/tertiary amine photoinitiators, and aromatic ketone/sulfur Alcohol photo-crosslinking systems, etc., these systems are rarely used in light-curing coatings, so they are not described here.

Other free radical photoinitiators
1. Titanocene photoinitiator
Many metal organic compounds have photopolymerization initiation activity [24], such as transition metal acetylacetone complexes, 8-hydroxyline complexes, and polycarbonyl complexes. Most of these compounds are only sensitive to UV light sources, and the absorption spectrum of a few complexes extends to the visible light region. As a photoinitiator, metal-organic compounds often have low initiation efficiency, poor thermal stability, and relatively high toxicity.

Fluorinated diphenyl titanocene is one of the few metal organic photoinitiators that meet the requirements of various aspects. They have good photoactivity, thermal stability and toxicological properties [25]. In the family of titanocene photoinitiators The more important ones are bis[2,6-difluoro-3-(1Hpyrrolyl-1)phenyl] titanocene and bis(pentafluorophenyl) titanocene [formula (7-12)]. The former has been commercialized under the trade name Irg a cure 784. It has outstanding photoinitiation activity, storage stability, low toxicity, and reasonable cost performance, and its main absorption range is in the visible light region (the two main absorption peaks are at 405nm and 405nm, respectively). 480nm), it can be used for visible light-initiated polymerization.


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