How much do you know about paint?

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Paint is the clothes of the home and is used in almost every decoration. In addition to walls and ceilings, painting wood and metal is the job of a painter. Because the process is relatively simple, many people will DIY paint.

The difference between water-based and oil-based paints, and the gloss classification of paints.

1. Water-based paint Vs Oil-based paint

Paints can be divided into two categories: water-based and oil-based, both of which are based on solvents. Water-based paints are diluted with water, and oil-based paints are diluted with organic solvents such as Tianna water and turpentine.

Most of the paints on the market today are water-based, mainly because they are easy to apply, quick-dry, easy to clean up, have a milder odor, and are less toxic. Modern latex paints are all water-based, and many traditional oil-based paints, such as magnetic oil, force frames, etc., teflon wax for paint have also introduced water-based alternatives.

However, the traditional oil-based “oil” paint still has its advantages, namely durability, mildew resistance and low cost of materials. Remember that oil-based paints are flammable and must be painted away from sources of ignition and with good ventilation.

2. Gloss

According to the degree of reflection, paint can be divided into glossy (most reflective), semi-matte (can be subdivided into five points, three points, etc.), and matte (least reflective). In addition, there are some special textures that are different from glossy and matte surfaces, the most common being eggshell.

In addition to the difference in gloss, the less reflective paint, the better at concealing wall defects, but it is more difficult to clean than the reflective paint, and it is also less wear-resistant. Frequent cleaning will damage the paint surface.

Matte paint is the standard choice for halls, room walls and ceilings, because of the shadow effect it brings out, which makes the viewing angle more comfortable; while in toilets, kitchens or other spaces that need to be cleaned frequently, eggshell or semi-gloss matte surfaces are often used. to increase durability.

3. List of common paints

Emulsion paint

The most used paint in home decoration is undoubtedly latex paint. It belongs to water-based paint, which has the advantages of convenient construction, quick drying, mild odor and low toxicity. In addition, it has slight extensibility and can repair small wall defects. In addition to the common latex paint for interior walls, there are also latex paints for exterior walls on the market. The paint film is hard and has good waterproof and weather resistance.

Modified PTFE Texture Powder L-63 Name: Modified PTFE Texture Powder Model Number: L-63 Chemical Composition: Modified PTFE

Brushing lacquer

Wood lacquer is traditionally oil-based and needs to be diluted with water, but now many brands have launched water-based hand-sweep lacquer. It is moisture-proof, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, and is often used in woodware and can also be used to refurbish furniture. It can also be applied by spray painting to avoid sweep marks, which is often used for high-end furniture and craft accessories. Now that the labor of the master is expensive, renovating the wooden door with wood lacquer may not save much than buying a new door, but it can support environmental protection, and it is also a good choice.


Varnish is a transparent hand-sweep varnish that can add a protective layer to the wood without obscuring the wood grain and retain the flavor of the log. You can “search for color” before varnishing the wood, so the effect is completely different from the direct use of colored hand lacquer.

Enamel paint

Enamel is a kind of paint with strong wear resistance. It has a thick paint film, strong hiding power, and can prevent rust. It is most commonly used on metal surfaces, but it can also be used on wood. The disadvantage of enamel is that the sweep marks are obvious. Like Lakjia, traditional enamels are oil-based, but now they are also water-based.

Pattern/Art/Stone Paint (Creative coating)

Art paint is a new type of paint that can create three-dimensional patterns and is most commonly used to design feature walls for interior spaces. Art paint is more expensive than ordinary paint, and requires special tools and construction techniques, and is usually only applied in a small area.

4. Primer

Primer is the paint that is applied to the material before the topcoat is applied. Not all paint projects use primers. The reasons for using primers include rust prevention, moisture resistance, increasing the adhesion of the topcoat, and preventing wall chemicals from invading the topcoat. Different materials, processes, and topcoat colors require different primers.


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