Homotriazine fungicide BK

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Slow-release biocide long-lasting protection of product stability, does not contain nitrates, nitrifying agents and organic chlorine, mainly used in paper, coatings and other neutral, weak alkaline, alkaline operating environment, non-corrosive to equipment.

Specifically for paper, oilfield, metal processing, coating and electroplating industry are triazine biocides.













Aromatic nitro compound polymerization inhibitor
Aromatic nitro compounds are effective inhibitors for vinyl acetate, vinyl acetate, isoprene and butadiene, but have no inhibitory effect on methacrylates and acrylates. Common aromatic nitro compound inhibitors include nitrobenzene, m-nitrochlorobenzene, m-dinitrobenzene, 2.4-dinitrochlorobenzene, trinitrobenzene and picric acid.
Nitro compounds are usually used as retarders or weak polymerization inhibitors, and their inhibitory effects are related to the types of monomers. For example, they are inhibitors for vinyl acetate, retarder for styrene, and for methacrylates. It has no slow polymerization effect with acrylics. Dinitrobenzene, anionic paraffin wax emulsion trinitrobenzene and their derivatives have better inhibitory effects, but not as good as inhibitors such as benzoquinone, phenols, aromatic amines, sodium nitrite and sulfur. For trinitrobenzene, one trinitrobenzene can interact with 5-6 free radicals. For trinitrobenzene derivatives, as long as the volume of the substituent is smaller, the stronger the electron withdrawing ability of the substituent, the higher the inhibitory activity against styrene free radicals.

Phenols, aromatic amines, methine blue, sodium nitrite, sulfur and other polymerization inhibitors can promote the inhibitory effect of nitro compounds. For example, the inhibitory effects of isoprene monomer, trinitrobenzene-sodium nitrite, nitrobenzene-sodium nitrite, m-dinitrobenzene furfural, etc., are all significantly better than a single inhibitor. The improvement.


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