5 features of homotriazine fungicide

2021-10-27   Pageview:254

1, High efficiency, broad-spectrum, with the dual role of anti-bacterial and sterilization.
2, Good compatibility, does not affect the physical properties of the paper such as color, strength, no corrosion of equipment.
3, Effective in a wide range of pH, can maintain long-term stable activity.
4, Small addition, fast onset of action, strong sterilization power.
5, Is environmentally friendly “green products”.










Nitroso compound inhibitor
Nitroso compounds with inhibitory effects include N-nitroso diphenylamine, nitrosobenzene and nitroso β naphthol. At present, the mechanism of inhibition of nitroso compounds has not been fully understood, but paramagnetic resonance studies have shown that nitrosobenzene can form stable nitroxide free radicals in solvents, so it can be combined with monomer free radicals or chain free radicals. Like the nitro compound, emulsion of paraffin the nitrogen-oxygen double bond in the nitroso group can also be added. NO, NO2, NaNO2, whether used alone or in combination with other organic polymerization inhibitors, have a polymerization inhibitory effect on olefins, especially It is more meaningful to prevent gas phase polymerization during vacuum distillation. For example, use a 25-tray vacuum distillation column to purify acrylic acid containing acetic acid, add phenothiazine to the kettle, and introduce a nitrogen-diluted NO gas flow into the kettle, and reflux for 130 hours without polymer.

The distilled acrylate adds a small amount of NaNO 2 to react with a small amount of acid in it to generate NO and NO2, which can prevent gas phase polymerization. The inhibitory effect of nitric oxide is related to its electronic structure. There is a three-electron valence bond between the nitrogen and oxygen of NO, which is actually a potential free radical, so it is easy to react with free radicals. For example, NO can quickly react with triphenylmethyl radical and methyl radical to generate corresponding nitroso compounds.


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