What is bamboo and wood anti-mildew agent?

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The main component is silicone quaternary ammonium salt. As the name implies, bamboo and wood anti-mildew agent is to protect the wood in the production, storage and transportation process no longer mold, can avoid the bacteria, mold, algae and yeast caused by the deterioration or discoloration and other problems.












Application of polymerization inhibitor in coating industry
In the coating industry, polymerization inhibitors are mainly used to synthesize unsaturated polyesters and prevent monomer polymerization. When choosing a polymerization inhibitor, first consider the solubility of the polymerization inhibitor in the monomer and resin. Only when it is miscible can it play a role in inhibiting polymerization. The polymerization inhibitor used in unsaturated polyester must not only ensure the stability of resin synthesis and storage, but also cannot affect the curing rate and coating performance. The polymerization inhibitor in the monomer should be easy to remove or not affect the polymerization activity.

Oxygen has a large inhibitory constant for most olefins and is the most effective inhibitor. Since oxygen is present in the air, it unobtrusively participates in the polymerization inhibition effect. When choosing other polymerization inhibitors, it is also necessary to consider whether there is sufficient oxygen in the monomer. If there is ebs wax manufacturer sufficient oxygen in the monomer, more ROO·radicals are generated, and it is best to use phenols, amines or a combination of phenols and amines. The second is the selection of quinones, aromatic nitro compounds and variable metals.

If the amount of oxygen in the monomer is insufficient, the chain radical CH zX· is divided into two types according to the structure: one is electron-donating groups, such as X=CoH, etc., using quinones, aromatic nitro compounds, and variable metal salts And other electrophilic substances. The other type is electron-withdrawing substituents, such as X=-CN, -COOH, and COOCH, etc., and phenols, amines, and other compounds that are easy to donate hydrogen atoms are used as polymerization inhibitors.


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