Anti-mildew agent for interior wall coating KP-M20

2021-10-23   Pageview:349

KP-M20 is a new suspension system with no VOC and formaldehyde. It has a mild taste and a variety of anti-mildew agents, which are highly safe, low toxic, low additive, excellent anti-mildew effect and non-resistant. Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus flavus, A. aeruginosa, A. globulus, Candida albicans and hundreds of other pathogenic bacteria have excellent killing effect.













As an oxygen-abstracting photoinitiator, BP also has its advantages. First of all, low cost is the reason why it is accepted by some users. It can be used in some formulations with low added value and low quality requirements, such as decorative gusset coatings and colored substrate glazing coatings. In order to balance cost, yellowing, and curing rate, BP is often combined with other cracking photoinitiators. In addition, the interaction of BP with active amines has the function of anti-oxidation and cation polymerization according to the micronized wax compound aforementioned mechanism. Therefore, the surface anti-oxidation effect of the BP/active amine system is better. When the amount of BP is large, it is easy to cause light shielding of the bottom layer.

Many substituted derivatives of BP are effective photoinitiators. The most important one is Michler’s ketone (MK), which is the 4, 4l-bis(dialkylamino) substituent of BP. It has the following structure.
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Compared with BP, Michler’s ketone has a red shift of tens of nanometers in absorption wavelength, and has a strong absorption of I201 for the 365nm emission line. Because it contains a tertiary amine structure, Michler’s ketone can also be used as a photoinitiator alone, but the efficiency is not fully utilized. If MK is used in conjunction with BP for the photopolymerization of acrylate, it is found that the initiation activity is much higher than that of MK/tertiary amine system and BP/tertiary amine system, and the polymerization rate is about 10 times that of the latter two.


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