Physical index of powder anti-mildew agent BJ-759

2021-10-29   Pageview:503

Appearance: white powder

Active ingredient: 75.0±1.0%

pH value: 6.0-8.5

Solubility: soluble in water, can be evenly dispersed in the dispersion system of diatomaceous earth, paint, glue, etc.

Stability. Shelf life of 2 years at 25℃












Commercially available acrylic varnishes are sufficient for acrylic/melamine/isocyanate based 30
The coating system uses acid to induce thermal curing. After the paint mixture is composed of 25 sol nano-particles, it needs to be evenly stirred at 40°C.

20h, then coated on aluminum plate and cured at 240°C for 1min. Figure 13-30 is 10-
The abrasion resistance of the acrylic varnish composed of sol nanoparticles.
The numerical performance is 10 times higher than that of the blank sample.
The abrasion resistance of acid coatings is reported that the addition of synthetic paraffin solution inorganic nanometers 1-no sol nanoparticles added; the particle sol coating has achieved excellent performance of 2-sol nanoparticle additions. However, the expensive initial raw materials and the complicated sol-gel preparation process limit the industrial application, which can be used in some special military products and applications.

Preparation of silica nanoparticles from sodium silicate
The use of ion exchange technology to form water-containing sodium silicate (water glass), from which silica sol is prepared is the cheapest source of silica nanoparticles. Sodium silicate solution is a commercially available product, and the prepared sol also has a narrow particle distribution range (7~70nm). However, it is necessary to transform the water-containing silica particles into hydrophobic, organic coated, and no agglomeration Silica particles are the main requirement, and there are certain difficulties. Therefore, until now, the silica nanoparticle sol prepared by this method has many incompatibility during use. Although it is cheap, it is subject to application. limit.


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