Packaging of anti-mildew agent coating YH601

2021-11-04   Pageview:563

Package, storage
This product has 25kg, 250kg plastic barrel two kinds of packaging, in 40 ℃ below the indoor air circulation place to keep away from light.













Coordination type
Coordination-type titanate coupling agent is based on two phosphites as ligands, and the lone pair of electrons on the phosphorus atom is moved to the titanium atom in the titanate to form two coordination bonds, with KR-46 As an example, the structural formula is:
P(OH) (OCi Has);
Hu CeO, OG Hi
OcH u
PC OH) (OCs Hm) a

It can be seen from the above formula that the titanium atom changes from a 4-valent bond to a 6-valent bond, which reduces the reactivity of titanate and improves water resistance. Therefore, modified pe wax the coordination type coupling agent has good water resistance and can be used in solvent-based coatings or water-based coatings. Used in. According to its structural characteristics, it will not undergo transesterification reaction, so it will not thicken due to transesterification when used in coatings such as polyester, epoxy resin and alkyd resin (if transesterification reaction is not desired). When the polyurethane resin is used, it can eliminate excess hydroxyl or isocyanate groups and improve its performance. Coordinating titanate coupling agents are mostly insoluble in water. They can be directly ground at high speed to emulsify and disperse in water. Surfactants or hydrophilic co-solvents can also be added to disperse them in water for surface treatment of pigments and fillers. Or directly use in water-based paint. Coordination type titanate coupling agent, pigment and filler coupling mechanism.


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