The dosage of anti-mildew agent coating YH601

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Reference dosage
for water-based paint: 0.5‰-2‰ i.e. 0.5-2kg of this product is added to each ton of product.
Glue emulsion: 0.5‰-1.5‰ i.e. add 0.5-1.5kg of this product per ton of product.
Polymer emulsion: 0.5‰-3.5‰ i.e. add 0.5-3.5kg of this product per ton of product.

The amount of addition depends on different seasons, different kinds of emulsions, different products’ protection and the degree of microbial contamination.













The quaternary ammonium salt of KR-212 is used in acrylic emulsion paint. In addition to improving the dispersibility, it also exhibits a short-term initial anti-rust effect.
Improve the dispersibility of silica (His il 233) in cycloalkanes, and the dispersibility of general pigments such as phthalocyanine blue and metallic pigments in water or polyester polymers,
Alkanolamine titanate belongs to the chelating type and is the most commercially valuable titanium chelate. It is not only difficult to hydrolyze, but also completely soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is emulsion of paraffin clear and stable. TioxideUK Limited in the United Kingdom has products such as TIL COMTE T and TIL COM AT.

TIL COMTE T is triethanolamine titanate, an indispensable curing agent in water-dispersible polyester wire enamel. It is a drier for water-soluble alkyd resins that dry at room temperature. It replaces the previous metal soap driers and significantly improves the mechanical properties, weather resistance, salt spray resistance and yellowing resistance of the coating film. It is an effective UV absorber and can also be used to formulate skin care creams.
TIL COM AT is a type of alkanolamine titanate. Making latex paint thixotropic is an important development in the rice coating industry in recent years. AT is an effective and easy-to-use thixotropic agent for latex paints containing cellulose additives. The amount varies according to the system, generally within 1%, AT should be added before the latex paint is packaged slowly, and the next time it is added. If the latex paint needs to be colored, it should also be done before adding AT. In addition to making the latex paint thixotropic, easy to apply and not sagging, AT can also improve the water repellency, abrasion resistance and washing resistance of the coating film.


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