What is fiber desiccant?

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Fiber desiccant is made of pure natural plant fiber exquisitely through a special process. Among them, especially the laminated fiber desiccant sheet is convenient and practical, and does not occupy space. Its moisture absorption capacity reaches 100% of its own weight, which is incomparable to ordinary desiccant. In addition, the product is safe and hygienic with moderate price, which is ideal for many biological, health food and pharmaceutical products.











Relationship curve between slip angle and added amount of slip agent
1-Aynaid A in polyurethane/acrylic dispersion;
2~4-Aynaid C, B, A in vinyl acetate/vinyl chloride copolymer
Aynaid A-a 50% solution of a special silane resin;
Aynaid B-a special silane resin 50% solution (density 0.97g/mL);
Aynaid C-a 50% solution of modified silane resin (density 0.94g/mL).
The upper two abscissas respectively indicate that the sliding angle of the blank sample of vinyl acetate/vinyl chloride copolymer without slip agent is 35, and the sliding angle of the blank sample of polyurethane/acrylic dispersion without slip agent is 33. The effect value is 0. After adding different amounts of slip agent, the sliding angle of the sample plate decreased. The two ordinates on the right side with down arrows are teflon powder the value of slipping effect expressed in %.
When the added amount of slip agent is 0.15%, the two types of coating films have obvious slipping effects. When the amount of addition is 0.5O%, ​​the slipping effect is increased by 11%~38%% compared with the blank sample. According to reports, in this example, Aynaid A, B, and C not only showed the effect of controlling the smoothness of the coated surface, but also showed the effect of anti-shrinkage and anti-shrinkage, and improved leveling, flexibility, adhesion and water resistance
The relationship curve between the addition amount of different polysiloxane slip agents in the same amino alkyd baking paint R40/MF800 and the slip effect.
Various types of polysiloxane slip agents have their own suitable ranges. Beyond this range, the slipping effect will not increase without addition or increase without adding BYK -301
obvious. The slipping effect of BYK —301 in various paints (1lb=0.454kg)
The experimental results also proved that: 1-water-soluble baking orange enamel; 2-water-soluble self-drying red alkyd; polysiloxane slip agent enhancement 3-acrylic golden glitter paint for automobiles; 4-acrylic blue for automobiles Flash paint; 5-water-soluble self-drying yellow alkyd; 6-water-soluble slippery, anti-scratch effect and construction self-drying green alkyd; 7-water-soluble purple baking paint; viscosity, film thickness (15pm 8-water soluble Self-drying blue paint or above) and the construction method have nothing to do.


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