Dosage of water-based drying agent

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Dosage of water-based drying agent : 0.2-1.0% (metal to resin solids)












Considering the wear resistance effect, the smallest glass fiber diameter and length (B) is the best, and the wear resistance is greatly improved. That is, in the case of the same amount of addition, the one with the smaller diameter and length of the anti-wear agent has a better anti-wear effect.
Generally, after the paint is added with abrasion-resistant 7H1 agent, the pencil hardness of the coating film is consistent with the 6H abrasion resistance, that is, the pencil
High hardness and good wear resistance. However, the wear-resistant effect of the glass fiber wear-resistant coating film with different particle diameters and 5H length is inconsistent with the pencil hardness, which is not a general situation. The relationship between the pencil hardness of the coating film and the addition amount of the glass fiber of each label.

Glass fiber content (mass fraction) It is known that the pencil hardness is based on the pencil hardness of the A precoating film with a large glass fiber length.
The relationship between glass fiber content is the highest. The pencil hardness can be understood as the particle diameter of S, A, B, C, and the pencil core is blocked by glass fiber.

The length is distributed in the values ​​shown in Table 13-18, and the glass fiber A with a large length has the greatest possibility of exposing the surface of the coating film, so its pencil hardness is also the highest.
The process method for improving the matting of the coating film by the anti-wear agent is shown in the above examples. While adding the anti-wear agent to improve the wear resistance of the coating film, it will inevitably reduce the gloss of the coating film.

Slip-increasing, anti-scratch agent, anti-slip agent and wear-resistant agent 501 Ze. It is difficult to do both. It is especially difficult for floor-coated plywood that requires good decoration and good abrasion resistance. Paint workers strive to find the best of both worlds, which is quite effective. Figure 13-25 is a schematic diagram of roller pressure coating film.

That is, when painting wood materials, add abrasive particles with Mohs hardness above 6 to the paint. When the coating is coated but the uncured coating film can still be leveled, press with a roller press to press the protruding part of the anti-wear agent particles on the coating film below the surface of the coating film. After the coating film is dried and cured, the surface is smooth, with good gloss and abrasion resistance.


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