The purpose and status of hot melting glue

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The purpose and status of hot melting glue

1. Uses:

There are more and more hot -melt glue varieties and more and more wide uses. You can bare leather, glass, metal, wood, luggage plastic, medical, textiles, etc., but it is mainly used in packaging (corrugated paper and thick carton), books on books, books on books, and books. Booking, stuck with woodworking, etc.








2. Form:

Hot melting glue mainly includes hot -melt rubber blocks, hot -melt glue particles, synthetic paraffin wax for hot -melt rubber strips, hot -melt glue powder, hot -melt glue film, hot -melt film, etc.

A. The hot -melt rubber strips are mainly used in electronics, crafts, glass, packaging, luggage and other industries.

B. Hot melting glue powder is mainly used in the clothing industry.

C. Hot melting glue particles are mainly used in filter and furniture edge, and paste.

D. Hot -melt rubber blocks are mainly used in the luggage industry

The specific situation depends on the purpose and the hot -melt rubber machine.


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