Classification of Powder Coatings

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Although there are not as many varieties of powder coatings as there are solvent-based coatings, there are many polymer resins that can be used as powder coatings. In general, they can be divided into two categories: thermosetting and thermoplastic powder coatings.














Coordinated use of film forming aids
Film forming aids are generally used alone, but they can also be used in combination to achieve better results. For example, Lusolvan FBH, Coa sol, and D BE-IB are mixed film-forming aids themselves. Texan ol and TX IB are combined to reduce odor under the premise of ensuring the performance of the base wood. With lower T, the more effective film-forming aids Eastman EEH and Texan ol can be used together (Of course, Eastman EEH can also be used alone) can reduce VOC “201.

Acceptance of film forming aids
Since the market in China is not yet mature, after the film-forming aids used are ptfe dispersion dupont determined through experiments, acceptance inspections are usually required for each batch number of purchases. Test content such as refractive index, distillation range, density, appearance and odor, etc.

Section 7 Development Trend of Film Forming Auxiliaries
Although the film-forming assistant has a great effect on the film formation of latex paint, the film-forming assistant is an organic solvent and has an impact on the environment. Therefore, its development direction is to apply environmentally friendly and effective film-forming assistants.
The film-forming additives used in the future need to have the following 4 characteristics:
One is to reduce the odor, Coa sol, D BE-IB 11, Opti film Enhancer 300 (2, 2, 4-trimethyl-1, 3-pentane di old ii so butyrate, namely 2, 2.4-trimethyl 1, 3- Pentylene glycol diisobutyrate), TX IB, and a mixture of TX IB and Texan ol 115 can all reduce odor. Although TX IB is slightly inferior in reducing MFT and early washing resistance, it can be improved in these aspects by mixing with Texan ol.


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