6 product properties of nano titanium dioxide

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1, Effectively shield the ultraviolet ray, improve the weather resistance of the coating
2, Improve the scrub resistance of the coating
3, Improve the stain resistance and self-cleaning performance of the coating
4, Make the coating with lasting antibacterial sterilization performance
5, Lasting air purification function, can continue to effectively degrade formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene and other toxic and harmful gases.
6, It can make the top paint produce the effect of different color with the angle, and can produce excellent decorative effect when used in automobile top paint.













Hydrophobic modified cellulose (H MHEC) introduces a small amount of long-chain hydrophobic alkyl groups on the hydrophilic backbone of cellulose, thereby becoming an associative modifier, such as Natr osol Plus Grade330, 331, Cello sizeS G-100, Be rmo collE HM-100. Due to the hydrophobic modification, it has an associative thickening effect on the basis of the thickening of the original water phase. It can associate with the hydrophobic components such as emulsion particles, surfactants and pigments to increase the viscosity, and eaa emulsion ingredients its thickening The effect is comparable to that of cellulose ether thickeners with much larger molecular weight. It improves the viscosity and leveling of ICI, and reduces the surface tension. For example, the surface tension of HEC is about 67mN/m, and the surface tension of H MHEC is 55. ~65mN/m. H MHEC can improve the shortcomings of HEC and can be used in mercerized emulsion paint.

Alkali swelling thickeners are divided into two categories: non-associative alkaline swelling thickener (AS E) and associative alkaline swelling thickener (HAS E). They are both anionic thickeners with a relative molecular weight of about It is 2×105~5×10*.

Non-associative alkali swelling thickener
The non-associative AS E is a polyacrylate alkali swellable emulsion, which is copolymerized by unsaturated comonomers and carboxylic acids. Unsaturated comonomers such as ethyl acrylate and the like, carboxylic acids such as methacrylic acid and acrylic acid.
The thickening mechanism of AS E is that the acid-base neutralization reaction occurs in the alkaline system, the resin is dissolved, and the carboxyl group stretches the polymer chain under the action of electrostatic repulsion, thereby increasing the viscosity of the system and achieving the thickening effect L81.
The thickening effect is greatly affected by the pH value. When the pH value changes, the thickening effect will change accordingly.
Such thickeners include AS E 60 from Rohm & Haas and Vise alex HV-30 from Ciba.


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