Physical index of DABCO T-12

2021-11-17   Pageview:265

Appearance: light yellow oil, soluble in hydrocarbon solvents
Total tin content (%): ≥18%
Specific gravity: 1.05
Flash point: 225℃














Theoretical Analysis of Stoma Cover
Light scattering from stomata
Long ago, people were inspired by natural phenomena such as winter snow and white clouds, and realized that the use of air-formed micropores can achieve a certain degree of opacity. The problem of using pores in the paint industry to improve paint film coverage can be divided into the following three situations.

Porosity of the paint film above the critical pigment volume concentration
Critical pigment volume concentration (CPVC) refers to the pigment volume concentration when the emulsion polymer just covers the surface of the pigment and filler and fills the space formed by the accumulation of pigment and filler particles. When the formula pigment volume concentration is low, the pigment and filler particles are dispersed in the continuous paint film formed by the emulsion polymer; when the formula pigment volume concentration exceeds CPVC, the emulsion polymer is not enough to completely fill the pigment and filler particles formed by accumulation Therefore, the formed paint film introduces air micropores, which increases the cover of the paint film to a certain extent. In economical interior wall formulations, increasing pigment volume concentration is usually used to artificially attract air holes to increase coverage. However, this is only used in flat formulations, and the application of these coatings is subject to many restrictions. As beck and

Van Lool studied the scrubbing resistance relationship between the properties of various enamel paints and the volume concentration of pigments (Figure 20-1). We found that in the area near CPVC, the gloss, scrubbing resistance, tensile strength, covering power, and corrosion resistance of the cover paint 2000405060 will change significantly. thus
When PVC wax 7% air micropores provide coverage, which is the same as that shown in Figure 20-1, the effect of pigment volume concentration on coating performance will also have a negative impact on many properties of the coating. It can be seen that the existence of open pores will reduce the integrity of the paint film, thereby sacrificing the resistance and protective function of the paint film.


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