Application of epoxy phosphate ester adhesion promoter (1)

2021-11-18   Pageview:659

XYS-1985-22 can be used in single-component heat-curing coatings and ink systems such as amino baking paint and closed polyurethane primer. It has good adhesion promoter for cold-rolled and galvanized steel, stainless steel, electroplated substrates and some plastics such as PBT, nylon and other substrates, improves the adhesion of inorganic materials that are difficult to adhere to and improves the chemical resistance of the paint film.














In the traditional formula, due to the change of the paint film’s cover power during the drying process, the color difference of the dry and wet film in the paint system is obvious. In the case of using a covering polymer, due to its lower wet film covering, the paint is reduced. The hiding power of the film is different during the drying process, so a better color matching of the dry and wet film can be obtained.

Effect on scrub resistance
We know that many fillers will reduce the resistance of the paint film. Figures 20-17 show the effects of covering polymers and various fillers on the scrub resistance of the paint film. The content of ptfe dispersion msds titanium dioxide in the coating is 20% PVC. When adding fillers, the amount of emulsion is controlled to maintain a constant volume solid content. The scrub resistance of the paint film is evaluated by the quality loss of the paint film caused by every hundred cycles of scrubbing. It was found that the increase in the amount of fillers would lead to a decrease in the scrubbing resistance of the paint film, but for the covering polymer, it has the least impact on the scrubbing resistance of the paint film. Therefore, when the covering polymer is used to replace part of the filler, the paint film’s The scrub resistance has been improved.

Effect on rheology
The unique spherical structure and uniform particle size distribution of the covering polymer make the demand for emulsion relatively low. This feature enables people to use the covering polymer without sacrificing the resistance of the paint film. Coating PVC, a product with excellent performance-price ratio is obtained. Correspondingly, compared with other pigments and fillers, the water requirement of the covering polymer has decreased.


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