Introduction of Epoxy Phosphate Adhesion Promoter XYS-1985-22

2021-11-18   Pageview:894

This product improves adhesion by direct bonding to the metal surface, significantly improves the adhesion of the coating on hard-to-adhere metals and plastics, fastness, significantly improves the water resistance and boiling resistance of the coating as well as salt spray resistance and solvent resistance, hardness and wear resistance are also improved.

The adhesion group interacts with the metal surface, and the adhesion promoter is well oriented in the substrate, thus improving the adhesion. Pre-coated panels after stretching, bending and calendering. Reduces corrosion at scratches, such as after salt spray test or water immersion test. The adhesion promoter contains a large number of substrate reactive groups, which can easily cross-link with the hydroxyl groups in the substrate system.











When using a covering polymer, it is possible to obtain a product with excellent cost performance by increasing the PVC of the coating without sacrificing the resistance of the paint film.

At the same time, for high-PVC economical interior wall coatings, because the pores are open, in humid places, especially in rainy weather, moisture can easily penetrate into the paint film to replace the pores, resulting in changes in refractive index and pore coverage. The decline in the decay has caused the phenomenon of bottoming out (Figure 20-8). As for the covering polymer, its particle size is very similar to that of titanium dioxide. Therefore, the covering ability of titanium dioxide can be improved through steric hindrance. At the same time, it has its own covering ability. And because of its unique closed pore structure, it can keep the paint film dry and covering. Consistency of wet coverage. This nature is very exciting. The result is: when designing the coating formulation with the typical titanium dioxide dosage, the part of the titanium dioxide that cannot function effectively can be replaced with a covering polymer, which can effectively reduce the cost while maintaining the performance of the paint film.

Influence on stain resistance
Latex paint is playing an increasingly important role in social life due to its good decoration and protection effects and environmental protection. High-quality latex paint products are more and more popular with consumers, and good paint films are stain-resistant. Sex is one of the necessary conditions for high-quality latex paint. For areas with more serious air pollution, especially tropical areas, good stain resistance of the ptfe dispersion price paint film is particularly important. For paint formulators, how to keep the exterior wall paint clean for a long time is still a serious challenge.

A large number of exposure experiments have found (as shown in Figure 20-9) that the use of masking polymers can improve the stain resistance of coatings to a certain extent. In the following experiments, gradually increase the amount of masking polymers in the formulation. As a result, it can be found that as the amount of masking polymer increases, its influence on the stain resistance of the coating gradually increases. For interior and exterior wall coatings, due to the characteristics of their respective formulations, the reasons for their poor stain resistance are slightly different, and the mechanism of the contribution of the covering polymer to the stain resistance is also different.


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