Application of special adhesion resin GJ-2030

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The resin has excellent adhesion to the following substrates
Plastics: nylon, glass fiber nylon, PC, PET, PBT, BMC, Bakelite, urea-formaldehyde, etc.
Metal: Aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, steel, stainless steel and phosphate-treated metal.
Others: glass, tempered glass, paper, fabric, ceramics, etc.
















Recommended dispersant for water-based colorants
For water-based color pastes, there are also many recommended dispersants, color paste manufacturers can refer to. For example, L 22 of SASOL SERVO of the Netherlands. It is recommended to use FA 620 as the main dispersant, FX600 and FX365 as auxiliary dispersants; for solvent-free water-based color pastes, it is recommended to use FX365 as the main dispersant, and FX-600 and FN265 as auxiliary dispersants. Dispersant recommended by Corning.

For general-purpose colorants, Tego [23] recommends the use of Dis pers 650, Dis pers 651 and Dis pers 652 dispersants. Dis pers 650 is a non-ionic modified polyether wax, suitable for the dispersion of organic pigments and carbon black. Dis pers 651 anionic modified polyether is a general-purpose product that can be used to disperse inorganic and organic pigments. Dis pers 652 is a non-ionic fatty acid derivative, which improves compatibility and reduces grinding viscosity. The initial formulation of general-purpose colorants.

The advantage of polymeric dispersants is that they can be used alone as dispersants for the dispersion of organic and inorganic pigments. If the low molecular weight dispersant is a non-ionic type, it generally has an effect on stabilizing organic pigments, and if it is an anionic dispersant, it has a stabilizing effect on inorganic pigments.
They sound more complicated, but they show some advantages: low-cost “surfactants” are less expensive than polymeric types.
Since low-molecular-weight and larger-molecular polymers show better compatibility, color pastes using low-molecular-weight dispersants have better compatibility for most systems.


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