Advantages of nanometer titanium dioxide photocatalyst VK-TG01

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This product is suitable for various air pollution treatment of photocatalytic spray, nano antibacterial coating, sewage treatment (can degrade the large molecule organic matter in the wastewater of paper mills, printing and dyeing plants, alcohol plants and chemical plants, etc., so that it becomes CO2, H2O.), nano antibacterial self-cleaning fiber, electronic materials and other products, the product has a large specific surface area! High photocatalytic efficiency! Fast decomposition of harmful gases! This product has a wide range of strong UV absorption ability (280nm-460nm).














A lox 575 is a mixture of sodium salt and barium salt. It can be mixed with petroleum hydrocarbons such as mineral oil and solvents. When the concentration in mineral oil is 10%~15%, it can get excellent moisture resistance and good salt spray resistance.

The organic compound containing NO2 group is an oxidant, which can passivate the surface of steel. The oxidation potential of nitrobenzene is enhanced by the introduction of electrophilic substituents, which reduce the electron density on the nitrogen atom, such as carboxylic acid or nitrobenzoic acid. Based on the above principles, BASF Wyandotte Corp. has developed a nitrocarboxylate corrosion inhibitor, which is traded as Sic or in. Tests have shown that in air-drying alkyd paints, the zinc and lead salts of nitroisophthalic acid, nitroterephthalic acid and nitrophthalic acid are superior to the same amount of chromate. In the case of the same amount, the corrosion resistance of 5-nitroisophthalate lead is slightly better than that of lead nitrophthalate. In short, in the self-drying or baking alkyd resin primer, using Sic or in, the corrosion inhibition synthetic vs wax performance has been significantly improved. In the zinc phosphate primer, adding a small amount of Sic or in can also significantly improve the corrosion inhibition effect. BASF Wyandotte Corp. recommends that the ratio of Sic or i to zinc phosphate is 149.

Organic fluoride zinc salt
Eschwe y and his colleagues in the United States have registered a patent for the zinc and lead salt corrosion inhibitor of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic organic compounds, the patent number is U.S. Patent No. 4, 329, 381 (1982). The performance of this type of compound is similar to that of nitroisophthalate. They can improve the dispersion and anti-settling properties of coatings. The water solubility of this salt is quite low, and the stability of the protective coating or paint film formulated with it is improved, and the protective property is prolonged. Among these compounds, zinc or lead salts of mercaptobenzoxazole and pyrithione salts are the first to be used. Anticorrosive coatings formulated with these salts have good corrosion resistance. Anti-corrosion coatings containing these salt components did not form precipitation even after prolonged storage. Commonly used are the zinc and lead salts of mono- or polycyclic s-triazine derivatives, which have at least one hydroxyl or mercapto group on the triazine ring.


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