Anti-mold agent for paint KP-M21

2021-10-29   Pageview:617

KP-M21 is a new generation of compounding glue, water-based paint and coating dry film anti-mildew agent and anti-algae agent with high safety and low toxicity. It is suitable for the anti-mold treatment of almost all water-based dry film systems. It has excellent killing effect on hundreds of pathogenic bacteria such as Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus flavus, Xylaria green, Trichoderma globosum and Candida albicans.












An example of a viscoelastic system is a fresh and still sticky paint film based on alkyd resins. At this time, most of the solvents have evaporated and oxidation has begun. All pressure-sensitive adhesives belong to this type. Rheology is measured only with the oscillating motion of the device, without damaging the structure of the material. The higher and lower parts (or just one of them) will be launched at a certain angle and then returned in ethylene bis-stearamide wax the opposite direction. All time or angle data, such as applied force, response force, and response time will be recorded, just like sinusoidal motion applies sinusoidal waveform change and measured sinusoidal stress will be recorded.

Storage modulus = c0d
Loss modulus~EP sins
EO can be calculated by mathematical analysis of the tangent of the loss angle of the viscous part, -t and (loss modulus) and elastic part (storage modulus).

Test Equipment
For a long time, there have been a large number of devices that can measure the viscosity of liquids. Simpler equipment can only measure shear rate. In certain industrial fields, certain instruments are more popular, while other viscometers are used for other purposes. Such as DIN cup [5.61, Ford cup and Tu-4 cup are widely used in the coating industry, this is because it is durable and easy to clean. The petroleum industry often uses the Ubb el oh de viscometer7, and the food industry often uses the Hop pler falling ball viscometer. The human liquid rotates according to a specific number of revolutions, through a spring, the required force is recorded, maintains this speed, and then a simple calculation can get the corresponding viscosity value, by changing the rotor and speed, the device can be measured The liquid has a wide range of viscosity from low to high.


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