Storage of Dibutyltin dilaurate D-82

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Store indoors away from light, keep ventilated, cool and dry. The container should be sealed after opening to prevent water vapor from entering the production.












Deodorant is a class of substances that can reduce or eliminate odor.
Because the paint contains free monomers, solvents, etc., there will be some odors, which are often pungent or unpleasant odors. Adding deodorant can reduce or eliminate this odor.

Deodorants such as BIO ZAPP and BIO PLUS from BIO ZAPP LAB. The former is used for industrial coatings, while the latter is used for civil coatings; Synthron’s MASQUOD OR-FGR-H and MAS QUOD OR-FRB-2H, the former can be removed Amine, ammonia, alkali and other odors, the latter can remove odors such as styrene and formaldehyde.

Negative ion additives
Investigations and studies of modern environmental hygiene have shown that negative ions in the air are beneficial to human health, so negative ions are called vitamins in the air. In the interior wall paint, add negative ion additives, so that the coating film continuously emits negative ions and improve the indoor air quality.
Negative ion additives are processed natural mineral powders, such as strange ice stone, tourmaline, Shenzhou strange stone, medical stone, Guiyang stone, etc.[17J.

After the coating is formed into a film, water molecules in the air can contact the negative ion additive through the coating film, and ionize into hydroxyl ions and hydrogen ions under the action of a strong electric field near the negative ion powder particle electrode. Hydroxyl ions enter the air and absorb water molecules in the air to form hydrated hydroxyl ions-Hg Oz, which is anion, thereby increasing the concentration of anion in the air and achieving the purpose of improving air quality.

In addition, negative ion additives can also remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde and ammonia in the air, and have antibacterial and antibacterial effects [18].
Such anion additives such as the Lonuo brand anion paint additive of Beijing Lonuo Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Although anion additives have been used in coatings, they still need to be further improved in terms of anion release performance. The method currently used is to activate anion additives with rare earth elements.


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