Applications of Dibutyltin dilaurate D-82

2021-11-27   Pageview:322

1, It is mainly used as catalyst for room temperature vulcanization of silicone rubber.

2, It can be used in polyurethane elastomer, adhesive, sealant, hard foam, molded foam, RIM, etc.

3, It can be used together with amine catalyst for high speed production of high density structure foam, spraying hard foam and hard foam sheet.

4, It can be used as catalyst for polyurethane coating.












Seal 80 hydrophobizing agent can not only reduce the water absorption of the system, if the amount is 0.2%~0.3%, the water absorption of the system can be controlled within 500g/m³, reaching JG149-2003 “Expanded polystyrene board thin plaster external wall external insulation system” Requires water absorption, and can improve the water-immersed bonding strength of mortar and polystyrene board.

Such hydrophobic agents include zinc stearate, Wacker BS 91 from Wacker and so on.
Example of hydrophobicity calculation:
According to the calculation formula of the water in the capillary
H=(2ycos 0) /(pgr)
In the formula, H——the rising height of water in the capillary tube, m;
Y surface tension of water, N/m;
0——The contact angle between water and the capillary wall;
P~-The density of water, kg/m;
g——acceleration of gravity, m/s;
r——The radius of the capillary, m.
For example, when the contact angle between water and the coating film is 120° and r-1jm, the above formula is: H=-7.2m. In other words, only when the pressure is greater than 7.2m, the water can be pressed into a capillary with a radius of 1um. In other words, in this case, water can hardly enter the capillary with a radius of 1um.

Four, hammering agent
Hammer paint is a kind of fine art paint. It can form a layer of paint on the surface of the painted object that looks like the hammer pattern left by the hammer hitting the iron sheet, so it is called hammer paint.
Hammering agent is an additive that is almost incompatible with the coating system, but can promote the three-dimensional hammering effect of the aluminum wax additive for powder coating film.

Hammering agents are generally organosilicon materials, such as: Guangzhou Huaxia Pentium Industrial Company’s HX-6010 and HX-6110; Jiazhi Company’s XOANON SWE-D760S, they are polysiloxane hammering agents, used in solvents Coatings; HM-6 from Deqian (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd.; DC-61 from Shanghai Changfeng Chemical Plant, which are all silicone hammering agents; F-66 from Hangzhou Lin’an Coating Additives Company, which is silicone aromatic hydrocarbon Class three-dimensional hammer pattern additives.


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