Application of adhesion promoter HY-2063

2021-11-30   Pageview:268

HY-2063 can be used in alkyd amino baking paint, alkyd amino baking paint, polyester amino baking paint, two-component polyurethane coating system, etc. It is not suitable for self-drying system, the amount is 0.1%-5%, can be added before and after.












XG603-2A matting curing agent belongs to the same type of product as XG603-1A, melting point 240~250℃, solid content above 98.5%, dosage is 6.0%~7.0% of epoxy resin mass, curing condition is 180℃/20~ 25min or 190℃/10~15min, or 200℃/10~12min, the extinction range is coating film gloss (60*) 20%~25%; if matched with polyester resin, you can also get 25%~80% The gloss of the coating film, the matting powder coating of this system has good film leveling properties and good mechanical properties such as impact resistance. By adjusting the mass ratio between the polyester resin and the epoxy resin, the gloss of the coating film is easy to control.

XG6035A matting curing agent is a salt of polycarboxylic acid and organic amine, melting point is 190~200℃, solid content is above 98.5%, white powder, the amount of epoxy powder coating towel is 10%~12% of epoxy resin mass, matting The range (60°) is 5%~10%; the extinction range (60°) in the polyester epoxy powder coating is 5%~70%, and the curing condition is 180~200℃/10~25min. Use this kind of extinction Curing agent-cured powder coatings have good coating film leveling and mechanical properties, and the coating film is not easy to yellow, and is not easy to change color during baking and curing. It is suitable for preparing light-colored powder coatings. Use this matting curing agent to prepare black powder coatings. When choosing fillers, it is recommended to use SPAR WITE W-10HB and W-20HB from Guizhou Huajia Fine Mining Co., Ltd., ultra-fine barium sulfate from Fuping, Shaanxi, and ultra-fine barium sulfate from Inner Mongolia Bameng.

XG633 matting curing agent is an organic compound containing carboxyl functional groups, with a melting point of 180~200°C, an acid value of 560mgKOH/g, and a volatile content of less than 1%. The dosage is 11%~12% of the mass of epoxy resin in epoxy powder coating. The curing condition is 190℃/20~25min or 200℃/15~23min. It can be used for epoxy powder coatings and polyester epoxy powder coatings. The gloss (60°) of the coating film can reach the range of 5%~30%. This kind of matting Compared with the curing agent of cyclic amidine polycarboxylate matting curing agent, the coating film is not easy to turn yellow during baking and curing. White or light-colored matting powder coatings can be formulated. The light resistance of the coating film is higher than that of cyclic amidine polycarboxylate matting curing agent. The agent is good.


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